The Oak - The pub across the street from my house. Good selection of vegan and gluten-free (I am neither of these things but it’s what I hear).

Katsu Burger - Deep fried burgers. YES. They now have 5 locations.

Fresh Flours - Coffee, with Japanese inspired pastries.

Victrola Coffee - More coffee! They serve doughnuts from Mighty-O (vegan doughnuts)!

Tippe & Drauge - Alehouse with a good local tap selection. 

Bar del Corso - Our fancy neighborhood pizza joint. Be warned! Not much of a beer selection (last time I checked).

Homer - Our new fancy neighborhood Mediterranean restaurant. I mostly walk-up to their soft serve counter. They usually have a vegan option, too. Fun flavors!

El Quetzal - Our neighborhood Mexican place! I am a big fan of their fish tacos. 

Carnitas Michoacan - When one of our neighborhood Filipin restaurant closed, we were pretty worried what would replace it. This Mexican place is now one of my favorites.

Smarty Pants - Biker bar with sandwiches. 

Loretta's Northwesterner - I love this cozy place. Great for a burger and beer. 

Resistencia Coffee - Next to Loretta’s! New to South Park, they are creating community by being the local coffee shop for folks.

Kubota Garden - Japanese gardens in South Seattle.