Food + Drink

  • Ushitora - Craft beer

  • Ottotto Brewery

  • Mikkeller Tokyo - Craft beer

  • Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory - Totoro shaped cream puffs!!!!!!!

  • Fuglen Coffee

  • Light Up Coffee

  • King George Sandwich

  • My favorite sushi place is gone due to the Tsukiji Fish Market moving. Stay tuned. I don’t have a fav ramen place, either. If a restaurant is open and there is a line, chances are it is good. Otherwise it would have gone out of business. If it’s bad, I’m sorry. You must be cursed.

  • If all else fails, go to a Family Mart, Lawson’s or any convenience store. There are rice balls (onigiri), sandwiches, etc. Cheap and good!



  • Sumida Hokusai Museum

  • National Art Center

  • Yayoi Kusama Museum

  • Shiseido Gallery

  • Tokyu Hands is a dedicated craft department store.

  • Loft is a department store. There is a whole floor for stationary goods.

  • Don Quijote is the Walmart of Japan

  • I don’t think I need to list any of the regular tourist attractions. Google will tell you!

  • Wander through some doris (Japanese word for street). There is usually at least one in every neighborhood. They are strips of shops and cafes that are usually only for pedestrians. Harajuku probably is the most popular one for people watching. Here is a good list.